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Black or White?: Animal Photography

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Click and Pledge: FREE Revolution Campaign

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The School of Visual Arts at Virginia Tech: Corporate Branding

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Crock and Roll: Website

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Self Promotional: Leave Behind

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Eat for Education: Website

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award winning design

Aimee Drysdale is a graphic designer with four years' experience in developing unique and functional designs for clients. Her goal is to create vibrant and user friendly work while maintaining the clients vision and adhering to brand standards. She has won numerous industry awards with her interactive, graphic design, and photography work.

Since graduating from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and a major in Graphic Design, Aimee has worked as both a designer and advertising account coordinator at tba | PR + Advertising, devoting herself to creating unique concepts using the latest technologies and supporting the organizations account management. She is constantly looking for a challenge and enjoys learning new techniques and applications from others with whom she comes in contact.

Aimee is an artistic, imaginative, and extremely outgoing individual who uses extensive experience in multiple fields to consistently produce striking, award winning, and effective material.